Case Study 3

Assessing Repairs Using Drone and Thermal Imaging

A London based property management company contacted us to enquire if we could assess one of their properties as tenants had reported leaks commencing. The roof is over two stories high; roof aspects are numerous on the property and there is no safe roof access.

Tenants were consulted and agreed for us to proceed with a drone inspection. Both a visual drone inspection was carried out along with a thermal drone inspection using an infrared thermal camera on the drone to seek out leak causes.

Numerous issues were identified and an annotated report showing the specifics provide so that the housing maintenance team or sub-contractors could carry out repairs. The thermal inspection clarified potential leak causes, not visible to the human eye or via a standard visible drone inspection.

The end-to-end process took just over a day and a half including the planning, site visit and postproduction. The housing management company did not have to attend site nor hire a scaffolder or cherry picker which they advise save them significant costs they would have otherwise incurred.

Mark was very professional, good value, efficient and quick on communication. I spoke to him about my job and had it booked in for the same week. It was very easy to correspond with him and he had the findings back to me quickly. I highly recommend him and will be sure to use him again soon on future projects

H.Copas, Housing Director