Case Study 1

Assessing Storm Damage at University Campus

Significant winter storm winds were causing concerns for the team responsible for building maintenance at this University Campus. They needed assurance that the roofs were secure and no signs of risk of the metal roofs lifting in storm force winds that were forecast. The buildings have no roof access for persons and are over four storey high, the only other option aside from drone inspection would have been the fire brigade or scaffolding both of which couldn’t be implemented in time and would have been a significant cost in the range of £10s of ‘000s.
In a very narrow window in the weather, our team attended the site to visually inspect all the roofs at proximity and provide data in the form of videos. The videos were then used by the maintenance teams to make rapid assessments and ensure the safety of all student residents should area(s) be ‘at risk’.
The whole significant scale drone operation was completed within 24hrs as an ‘emergency call out’ due to the potential forthcoming risks and approaching storms.
A few areas were identified as needing attention and the relevant safety measures put in place until the storms subsided to complete the works.