Case Study 4

Maintenance Inspection of Office Building Trims

This modern office building has multiple facades and an open roofed atrium. Due to heavy winds some of the trims had become loose falling to the ground during lockdown so no staff were present on site. The building manager decided that the trims need regular inspection to mitigate future risks. Access to the trims is challenging as there are no walkway access for maintenance.
We were called to inspect the building using drones to get close images, sufficient to identify any signs of the trims fixtures or fittings working loose. Each façade was manually flown to get sufficient detailing and to view from underneath the trims. 
Issues were identified and annotated in the output report so that the building manager and maintenance teams knew exactly where the areas for attention were. To have scaffolded the building would have cost in the region of £100k+ and taken weeks, also risking the integrity of the building. As a result of the drone inspection only a few areas needed a rope access team and brief hire of a cherry picker to fix the risk areas.
The full inspection was carried out in a total of three days, including planning, gaining permissions from TfL/Network Rail (due to proximity to railway) and postproduction.

An excellent and professional company, from project planning, undertaking the survey to the reporting process we could not have asked for more. Mark was very knowledgeable on all aspects of Drone Surveys and was extremely helpful from start to finish. All in all I was provided with an excellent survey, and a service I would recommend to others

– Lee Todd, Contracts Manager